The "Perfect 10"

Whether it's a Corporate Event, Fundraiser, Wedding or other Special Occasion, everyone wants their event to be a "Perfect 10". Even though nothing in this world is truly perfect, striving for perfection motivates everyone to be at their best, to the point where a performance or an event can be considered as good as possible, or a "Perfect 10". I feel comfortable in saying that most of the events Southtown Fever has been involved with have been in the "9's", including quite a few that I would describe as "9.9" or even a "Perfect 10". How is that achieved? It requires proper planning and preparation for each element, along with careful coordination among all the production personnel involved. Southtown Fever pursues excellence in all the things we do, selecting and developing talented people, and giving them the opportunity to perform at their highest level of ability. The result can be spectacular, enabling all involved to recognize and enjoy great moments along the way. Thank you for your interest in Southtown Fever. Together, we can reach for that "Perfect 10".

Bob Macar